Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chelski defender backs move for Ron (and some transfer rumors)...

John Terry has bought into bringing Ron to Chelski - so long as he buys into what Jose preaches.

John Terry said yesterday that Ronaldinho would be the perfect signing for Chelsea – just as long as he obeyed Jose Mourinho's orders and tracked back. The Brazilian's future is the transfer saga that refuses to go away with three days left until the transfer window closes on Friday.

The Chelsea captain is a close confidante of Roman Abramovich, but even he could not offer an insight into whether the 27-year-old is a serious prospect for his club or just using them to negotiate a better deal with Barcelona. Instead he said that the man twice voted Fifa world player of the year would be suited to Chelsea's new more attacking style – but that even Ronaldinho would be expected to do his share of defending too.

The tantalising prospect of Chelsea pulling off one of the greatest transfer coups of all time is balanced by the possibility that Ronaldinho's brother and agent Roberto de Assis Moreira is using the club's interest as a bargaining chip in contracts talks with Barcelona. Nevertheless, the reports of meetings between Moreira and Abramovich had reached the Chelsea players. "It was exciting. I've seen the coverage," Terry said. "To get a player of that ability would be a great acquisition. I've seen him, seen what he's all about and he's a very difficult player to mark.

"If he did come he would give us that option up front and it'd be great for the Premiership to get the likes of Ronaldinho. For me personally, Chelsea and everyone at the club it would be great."

There was still a surreal element to discussing with Terry how one of the greatest Brazilian footballers of all time would potentially fit into Mourinho's team – but this being Chelsea, even their club captain was not about to dismiss the possibility out of hand. Having witnessed the Mourinho-effect first hand, Terry said that even Ronaldinho, who has faced Chelsea in the Champions League each season for the last three years, would have to stick to the core principles of the team.

Don't think Ron is a very good fit at Chelski but he is the two time FIFA player of the year and absolutely brilliant. Such class should theoretically be able to adapt to any system but as Shiva and Ballack have proven, this isn't always the case.

(Other transfer rumors - some featuring Adriano - there should be plenty more before the transfer window closes on Friday)

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