Thursday, September 13, 2007

Melchiot must think Albanian's are poor sports...

Two minutes after a controversial red-card Ruud Van Nistelrooy scored in the 91st minute to give the Dutch a one nil victory. An Albanian hooligan promptly takes out his frustration on Wigan defender Mario Melchiot:
Google Mario Melchiot and you'll see the highlight. Netherlands was beating Albania 1-nil as they say, and someone in the stands decided this would be a good time to throw a firework right at one of the Dutch players.

Mr. Melchiot ended up the target, and it, whatever it was, exploded about two and a half feet above his head.

To the credit of the head official, he stopped the game right away. But that doesn't prevent the possible hearing loss Melchiot may very well suffer.
I've done the googling for you:

To be fair to the Albanians it was a maddeningly brilliant goal by Ruud:

More Euro 2008 Update:

Scot James McFadden scores a goal to stun the Frogs, already being declared one of Scotlands best goals ever, rightfully so:

Michael Owen joins Jimmy Greaves, Sir Bobby Charlton and Gary Lineker as the only players to score 40 times for the Three Lions:

Well done Michael.

Borat must be proud.

Throwing off-topic and mega-post caution to the wind... For the benefit of The Back Four's foreign audience here is the greatest advert ever, from Hollywood director Michael Mann:

Music from The Last of the Mohicans:

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