Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is Jens Lehmann a liability?

David Warner at the AOL Sportshouse answers that question, with video of another poor showing by Lehmann:

Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann could not have started the season any more poorly -- two horrible gaffes in two Premier League matches, including that David Dunn shot that slipped through his fingers and cost the Gunners two points. Fans at the Emirates may be calling for his head, but the team has rallied around him, and midfielder Cesc Fabregas says Lehmann has no reason to say he's sorry.
"When I make a mistake I don't like people shouting at me. I just have to think about what I did wrong and put it right. Now Jens has to think about it himself but of course we are all alongside him. He does not have to apologise.

"This is a team. Since the beginning of the season we said we will always be together. We are together now and we are strong. We showed that at Blackburn. There was one mistake and we lost two very important points. But it is still very early."
True, it is early, but as the old saying goes, one is a coincidence, two is a trend, and three... well, three will put a lot more pressure on Arsene Wenger to make a change. With only Lukasz Fabianski or Manuel Almunia (who?) on the bench, though, are Wenger's hands somewhat tied? Do the Gunners just have to score more goals and hope Lehmann gets it together?