Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Worst Decision of the Week...

While the Malouda flop was egregious, the worst call of the weekend came against Fulham as a David Healy shot was carried accross the line by Boro keeper Mark Schwarzer, clearly evident above. Fulham boss Lawrie Sanchez rightfully says that the poor decision cost them a point:

TV replays clearly show that Healy’s shot was gathered by Boro keeper Mark Schwarzer behind the line. Sanchez was disappointed with the officials and believes the goal should have been given.

“We obviously were (robbed of a point). As everyone could see it was a goal. There was nobody blocking the linesman’s view of it,” Sanchez told Sky Sports.

“He had to be brave and make the decision because it was well over. It’s one if those ones for the goal-line technology argument.”

Of course the FA, a day late and a quid short, chimes in to say that they will review goal-line technology but are hampered by FIFA rules:
A spokesman said: "We understand the debate around goal-line technology and it's always going to be an important talking point after these incidents.

"Fifa rules clearly state that a referee must take decisions based on what he sees on the field of play and cannot refer to video replays at any time during the game."
Why is FIFA against getting the decision right?? I know that the intent is to not slow the game down but when goals are hard to come by and team like Fulham will be fighting for points they should have the opportunity to dispute a poor decision, especially when the technology is readily available. The Premier League should take a stand and lead the change to institute replay challenges like they do in nearly every other sport

To make things worse, Fulham lost their American skipper Brian McBride for a few months with a dislocated kneecap after planting his leg for a shot on goal in which he scored -- the video below says it all -- OUCH!!

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