Monday, August 13, 2007

Spiderman mask earns player red card

NFL football star Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson's act is crossing over as soccer players have resorted to using props for their goal celebrations, a la Carrot Top.

Dateline Rio:
RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 13 (Reuters) - Pablo Salinas was sent off for a Spiderman goal celebration after scoring for The Strongest in their 2-0 derby win over Bolivar on Sunday.
Deportivo San Martin crushed nine-man Alianza Lima 5-0 in Peru where the other two big clubs, Sporting Cristal and Universitario, also lost.

Apparently Salinas isn't the only fool to have done this:

A great take from the Offside:
As far a goal celebrations go, I’ve always thought the old pull a mask from your shorts and run around like a super hero ranks in the middle of the pack somewhere between the brilliance of sniffing the end line and the not so brilliant tangoing with the corner flag. It isn’t easy playing with something stuffed down your shorts and when you do score you should be allowed to give your little guys below a little freedom.

The killjoys in Bolivia think otherwise. After scoring the second goal in The Strongest’s 2-0 victory over Bolivar this weekend, Pablo Salinas dug deep into his shorts and pulled out a Spider-Man mask which he put on his head. The referee, apparently a big fan of Spidey’s nemesis Green Goblin, gave Salinas a yellow card, his second of the match.

The soccer world is clearly biased against Spider-Man. Too bad. His outfit is better than some kits and he is a crowd pleaser.
(Hat tip to the Offside for the story)

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