Monday, August 13, 2007

Week 1 wrap up...

Sunderland 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur. Michael Chopra's goal in the 94th minute gives Roy Keane's side a surprising result against the Hotspurs in an otherwise slow match

Derby County 2-2 Portsmouth. Derby turns the early pundits on their heads and picks up a point through a solid effort in their first match back in the big leagues. Pompey looked to put the match away with a goal in the final ten minutes but Derby was quick to equalize, scoring a goal two minutes later.

Bolton 1-3 Newcastle. Martins was simply brilliant yesterday with a class bicycle kick and odd goal from 35+ yards out. Not the best defensive effort from Bolton in what looks to be a long year for Sammy Lee's side.

Aston Villa 1-2 Liverpool. Liverpool looked to be in control of the entire match but had to score twice to overcome an own goal by Laursen. Steven Gerrard's amazing free kick in the 87th minute gave Liverpool 3 points.

West Ham 0-2 Manchester City.
Nearly every pundit had been predicting an doom and gloom for Man City but the new acquistions to Man City led Sven-Goran's side to simply outclass West Ham in all phases of the game. West Ham still had multiple opportunities to get points but couldn't find a way to finish.

Everton 2-1 Wigan. Didn't catch this game but apparently Wigan was dominated the entire match and scored a late goal to make it appear closer that the score indicate. Wigan's headed to the bottom of the table if this continues.

Middlesbrough 1-2 Blackburn. Despite the strange collapse of Benni McCarty in the 2nd half, Blackburn subs came through after a long delay and acquired the 3 points. Boro manager Gareth Southgate blamed the long delay for losing the momentum that they had been building.

Manchester United 0-0 Reading. The Reading backline simply couldn't be cracked as any cross or shot that wasn't blocked by the Reading defenders were stifled by a top-notch effort from Marcus Hanhemann, who looked to be unstoppable even with a broken hand.

Wayne Rooney left the game at halftime with a fractured foot; with Saha and Soljskaer still not fit, Carlos Tevez will don a Man U kit Wednesday night versus Pompey.

Arsenal 2-1 Fulham. Arsenal could have scored 5 goals against the weaker Fulham side but couldn't find the back of the net. Gunner keeper Lehmann nearly gave the match away with a pathetic effort clearing the ball in the first minute but a late charge and poor defense from Fulham in the last ten minutes put Arsenal ahead, thanks to solid efforts from Hleb, Toure and Van Persie. If Arsenal can find a way to limit errors and consistently finish, they will be tough to beat.

Chelsea 3-2 Birmingham City. Michael Essien's brilliant strike in the first ten minutes of the 2nd half put Jose's side ahead for good and avoided another surprising result in the 1st week of the season.

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