Monday, August 13, 2007

The two goals the Premier League doesn't want you to see

An outstanding take from David Warner at AOL Sports Blog, not much else needs to be said:

I was a little hesitant to post this clip here, because I have a feeling that the Premier League will find out about these guys and file lawsuits against them, just like they did against YouTube, but really, this Steven Gerrard free kick has to be seen to be believed.

Clips like this would be a fantastic promotional tool for the Premier League, something that could show people just how exciting this league can be. If the Premier League actually worked with an online video site -- or created its own, like Comedy Central did -- to produce highlight clips like this that bloggers could share with their audience, then perhaps the league could attract even more sports fans. MLS has a YouTube account. U.S. Soccer has one, too. Why doesn't the Premier League?

Because they let lawyers determine their marketing policy. It's one thing to protect your copyright, but stop punishing your biggest fans for this. That's just stupidity.

After the jump: Obafemi Martins of Newcastle makes a bicycle kick goal that rips the heart out of Bolton Wanderers fans everywhere.

Warner's point is outstanding -- the more casual sports fans see of fabulous goals such as these, the more the league will grow. Personally, the more I see the Martins goal, the more amazing it is.

UPDATE: Here's a goal the Premier League would definitely rather you not see:

Perhaps efforts like Lehmann's are what the Premier League is trying to prevent it's fans from seeing.

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